Pregnancy and Miscarriage

It started in the end of January 2018. I experienced the feeling of unexplained fatigue for some times. I guess the most significant measure was that I wasn’t able to carry that one bulky laptop that I used to put in my backpack every single day when I was in collage. Haha it was crazy, it felt so weird that I cannot carry that laptop on my back. I thought was there anything wrong with my health? Well, not until early February that my husband and I witnessed the two red strips. We were happy and our family were full of joy hearing the good news :) Our first visit to the doctor went very well. We want to make sure that there were no false alarm from the two pregnancy test home strips that we used. From the ultrasound, our doctor confirmed that the site of the pregnancy is within the cavity of the uterus, so everything was fine with our 5-weeks-old future child. InsyaAllah next visit will be next month.

Throughout the pregnancy I experienced everything what a mother-to-be might going through. The morning sickness (which for me it’s an all-day nauseated feeling haha), the headache (that feels like a kick in the head), all-day tiredness and of course once or twice slight cramps on my belly. Oh everything was worth the experience :) I thought it was normal until the cramps got really severe and the headache occurred more frequently…

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Fitness Untuk Pemula: Sebaiknya nge-Gym dimana?

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Beberapa waktu lalu saya mendapat beberapa pertanyaan mengenai fitness for beginners. Salah satunya adalah gym mana sih yang bagus untuk pemula?

First of all, kalo km berniat HANYA menggunakan treadmill, urungkanlah niat untuk daftar membership gym. Mendingan jogging di taman dekat rumah or kantor karena akan jauh lebih hemat dan tidak akan ada fasilitas gym yang kmu sia-siakan. Dengan biaya yang kmu keluarkan untuk daftar gym, (berasaskan menghindari ke-mubazir-an) seharusnya pilihlah olahraga yang memang tidak bisa kamu lakukan di luar gym. Ok, jadi kita sudah sepaham ya: ini adalah tulisan yang diperuntukkan untuk para fitness beginners yang mau eksplor active lifestyle.

Kembali lagi ke pertanyaan, “Gym mana sih yang bagus buat pemula?”

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Maxima Fitness Center Review (Fatmawati)

Nampaknya tulisan ini sudah bersarang di draft saya terlalu lama haha. Berhubung saya memasuki bulan ke-4 latihan di Maxima Fitness ini, I guess now it’s the time to write some review. First of all, saya mau bilang kalo gym ini bukan mega gym sejenis Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, ataupun Gold’s Gym. Jadi ekspektasinya tolong disesuaikan ya hehe. Tapi kalo kamu tujuannya yang penting bisa olahraga tanpa embel-embel mesin bermerk macem Technogym yang terbaru dll, this is the right place. It is a budget-friendly gym with its friendly staff and members.

Maxima Fitness Center ini berlokasi di Jl. Fatmawati Raya No. 14, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan. Tepat di sebrang Total Buah Segar. Kalo dari arah Blok M, tempatnya di sisi kiri jalan, sekitar 500 meter sebelum lampu merah perempatan Fatmawati – TB Simatupang.

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Jatomi Fitness Kuningan City Review

Di liburan lebaran ini, gym langganan saya yang nun jauh di deket kantor itu masih tutup. Jadi saya iseng nyobain salah satu mega gym yang deket rumah: Jatomi Fitness. Kalo pake aplikasi Fitnesia, saya bisa dapet harga Rp80.000,- untuk single-day access dari harga normal Rp180.000,-. Kebetulan saya belum pernah nyoba latihan disana. Jadi lumayan untuk sekali-kali latihan disana tanpa harus ngambil paket minimal 4 bulan. Anyway, apa itu Fitnesia? Fitnesia adalah online booking platform untuk memesan aktivitas ataupun jasa di tempat-tempat fitness, spa, beauty services khusus partner Fitnesia yang berpartisipasi. Seperti biasa, bermodalkan nekad dan rasa ingin tahu yang tinggi, saya booking single-day access untuk ke Jatomi Fitness di Kuningan City, sendirian. 
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Fitness Update

As you guys know from my previous post, I recently go to the gym again regularly. My colleagues think I’m a little bit insane by going to gym at 6.30 in the morning every two or three times a week. But well, I need it, and I’m gonna do it. As for fitness goals, I currently focus on gaining strength and overall stamina. Especially for my right quad and the muscles around my knees. Of course I can’t go all out like I used to do. I really feel that having a personal trainer is one of the best investment for my goal. Basically I feel like I was training with a physiotherapist because the exercises were very similar to the ones that I had when I used to go to the physiotherapy sessions every week. You know, learning to walk properly, etc. However, this time it gets a tiny bit advanced, which is learning to ‘duduk diantara dua sujud’, learning to stand up from ‘sujud’, you know, essential stuffs. I know myself too well that I’m struggling to do it on my own. And there is no shame in getting help.

Anyway, as progress goes, my stamina is getting better this week. Entering my 7th week, I feel that I don’t need coffee as much as I usually needed. Nowadays I can enjoy good quality of sleeps. I wake up not feeling exhausted like my first couple of weeks at work. I mean, it gets easier as the time goes. With the distance between home and work (plus the-f#cking-traffic-jam-factor) I thought I was insane committing through my schedule hahah. Nevertheless, I’m so lucky that I found what works for me. Don’t forget that every person is unique because they have their own needs and goals. So, do what works for you. And remember that there is no shame in getting help.